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About the Neo-Advaita-Recovery-Network (NARN)

This website and organization is dedicated:

~Helping people to understand the dangers of Neo-Advaita
~Helping people to recover

from the very real and harmful effects of Neo-Advaita.

~Educating the general public about the difference between

Neo-Advaita and Actual Advaita

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About me

Who am I?

NAR was created by me, Arthur Burton.



Everything written here is the OPINION of Arthur Burton.
Currently, I am in consultations with:
Swami Maharishi Om, a Hindu Swami in Adi Shankara's lineage
Jessica Nathanson of "The Glorious Both And"

to fine tune this article.

Over time, it is my intention to consult with:
Psychologists, Cult Experts,  Lineaged and Legitimate Advaita Vedanta Leaders and Teachers
to offer the fullest and most comprehensive map.  

Am I qualified to teach this topic?

This is a VERY important question. If we had asked ourselves if Neo-Advaita "teachers" were qualified and did some research we would have saved A LOT of time>

Am I qualified?


I think so. :)

I spent about 19 years in two different Neo-Advaita organizations, one of which was a FULL blown cult, one of which was cult like.

I did my undergraduate degree in Religion. The program I did was an ACADEMIC study of religion- meaning the program did not teach or preach a religion.  But trained people to understand "What is true of a religion?" how to be a neutral observer, so that one can accurately understand and describe what a religion is.

I take a holistic and integrative approach to the study of Nonduality. (more on this coming soon)

I can make a claim that NO Neo-Advaita can:
A Hindu Swami, in the lineage of Adi Shankara is in full support of my work and answers questions and helps me to fine tune my understanding of ACTUAL Nonduality.  

Lastly and maybe the most important- I have been down the rabbit hole of Neo-
Advaita and have BEGUN to recover from it.

 for more about me see my
Quora Page 

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