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Recovering from Neo-Advaita,





Welcome to NARZ!
The Neo-Advaita Recovery Zone (NARZ).

Nonduality is ALL the rage today.
It is touted as:
"The Ultimate Truth."

Sadly, the VAST majority of what is taught 
is NOT Nonduality, but is

aka Neo-Advaita.

Neo-Advaita is a very watered down "teaching"
that borrows language from

Classical Indian Nonduality
(called Advaita or Advaita Vedanta)

Neo-Advaita is not only watered down-

it is delusional, and potentially very dangerous.

NARN is dedicated to:
~Helping people to understand the dangers of Neo-Advaita
~Helping people to recover

from the very real and harmful effects of Neo-Advaita.

~Educating the general public about the difference between

Neo-Advaita and Actual Advaita


Neo-Advaita took me to the brink of suicide OVER and OVER.

I am lucky to be alive and lucky that I made it out.

This website and the activities I do are an ongoing project to support people

in exiting the insanity that Neo-Advaita is and getting their lives back.

I do this as a labor of love- if you have been supported by my work and feel to 

support me, please see my donations page

This website and organization is an ongoing project.

I suggest you start at the Introduction page




I have created a free online course to help people recover from Neo-Advaita:
Neo-Advaita 101


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