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Money and spirituality are tricky topics!

I currently operate based on the Buddhist principle of Dana (generosity). I offer my teachings

and service from that- and deeply appreciate it when that is reciprocated.

Venmo: @apb333

Cashap: $apb108

Or write for a mailing address for checks.

One on One Support

If you would like one on one coaching/mentoring/support:
Send a short introductory email:
~Letting me know you would like one on one support
~Acknowledge that you have read the agreements below and that you agree to them.

Then share a short paragraph giving me an introduction to you and your Neo-Advaita journey. And ask- what is the one burning question you have.

I will respond with a voice recording and make a youtube video (leaving out any identifying information).

You sit with, reflect on, digest on both for a few days, then if when you feel inspired send another email sharing more or asking a question.

I will respond.

Agreements to work together:

~Everything you share will be held in confidence, minus an active plan to harm yourself or others
~I will keep track of the time 
~Every hour of time spent you agree to make a donation (amount up to you)


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