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NARN does not promote any particular:
spiritual path


healing technique


for overcoming Neo-Advaita- though I do have some suggestions.

Also, NARN does not promote Nonduality as a spiritual path. NARN promotes awareness of the difference between Neo-Advaita and Actual Nonduality.

For those who are interested, I do offer suggestions for traditional Nondual teachers. 

Listed below are some resources that may be useful for you in your journey of overcoming Neo-Advaita.


Neo-Advaita 101- a short free online course about Neo-Advaita by NARN


People speaking directly to the Neo-Advaita problem:

Recovering from Fake Nonduality Youtube Channel by Arthur Burton (most of the videos are under "live")
Neo-Advaita Recovering Zone Quora Writings by Arthur Burton
The Glorious Both/And  Website and Organization by Jessica Nathanson


Listed below are Gurus, Teachers and Mentors on the Nondual Path I have respect for.
You must do you DUE diligence and investigate if:
what they are teaching is in alignment with The Dharmic Scriptures
They are walking their talk
If they are a match for you


I obviously believe they are- but I am just a fallible human being- you need to investigate for yourself! 

Nonduality Gurus- Living Gurus with a legitimate Lineage or endorsement by the Hindu Community

Swamini Brahmanprajnananda- A former psychologist- she is well aware of Neo-Advaita and speaks to it.

Mata Amritanandamayi (Ammachi)
Swami Sarvapriyananda- A Swami in Ramakrishna Math (see below)

Swami Tadatmananda- Founder of Arsha Bodha Center 
Ramakrishna Math- Founded by Paramahansa Ramakrishna, one of India's Great Saints, it maintains an order of Swamis (renunciate teachers)  One of the beautiful things about Ramakrishna and this order is that it focuses on Universalism- the idea that there is ONE Supreme Power that is being sought by people of all religion and no religion. 

Talks by Maharishi Om- A set of talks by a Hindu Swami on the difference between traditional and Neo-Advaita
Divine Life Society - Teaching traditional Advaita Vedanta with a very respectable lineage of teachers 

Nondual Teachers without a clear lineage

(These are people I feel respect for and I believe can help people on the Nondual Path AND who understand the problem of Neo-Advaita)

Tom Dass
Atman Nityananda Founder of Advaita Atman Yoga 



:Neo-Advaita Recovery on Reddit 

The Essence of Enlightenment by James Schwartz

Specific Videos/Articles
Papaji speaking out against those teaching in his name- Youtube video 

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