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For myself it was impossible to even BEGIN to recover from Neo-Advaita until I learned some of the differences between it and Traditional Nonduality.

Learning to differentiate Neo-Advaita from Traditional Nonduality was a LIFE saving skill for me.

Below are a few resources to help you in the journey


Two GREAT articles that summarize the difference between Neo-Advaita and Advaita Vedanta

What Advaita Vedanta Isn't (aka Neo-Advaita) 

What Advaita Vedanta Is (traditional Advaita Vedanta)
The Wikipedia Article on Neo-Advaita

A Scholarly Article Comparing the Neo-Advaita with Traditional 

What is Neo-Advaita?

The obvious and shocking answer

What is Neo-Advaita?

A simple literal answer

What is Neo-Advaita?
A metaphor referencing The Matrix

What is Neo-Advaita? 

A complete butchering of a tradition

What is Neo-Advaita?

A Spiritual answer

What is Neo-Advaita?

A one trick pony

What is Neo-Advaita?
A scholarly answer

Is the "teacher" you are following

a checklist

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