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What is offered below is a DRAFT of a map out of the mind-fuck that is Neo-Advaita.

There is no set formula for re-cooperating from Neo-Advaita....

YET there are some principles which I and others have found helpful.

There is A LOT of information below.

And it is theoretical. 

WE are beginning to "wake up from 'waking up'"

And part of that process is discovering what is the way out.

I have broken it down into five "phases" though they will overlap.


Getting Started

Begining to Recover

Focusing on Stability



Creating a wonderful Life


More details about this process 


Things I and others have found helpful.

Time in nature

Laughter Yoga (many instructors offer free classes as does the institute for Laughter Yoga)
Going to an actual Hindu Temple.
Exploring the various kinds of Vedanta- such as Qualified Nonduality or Achintya Bheda Bheda
Peer Addiction support groups (12 Steps, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Dharma Recovery)
Prayer- asking God/dess for help
Jesus without religion. I believe Jesus to be a master who doesn't give a &*( what religion you are- he just wants to help. Ask Mr. J for help with stuff and see what happens.

Kirtan- singing sacred mantras or Names of God devotionally can be a heart opening experience



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