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Recovering from Neo-Advaita,





Neo-Advaita 101

This course is under construction!

Table of Contents
Lies and more lies and.... (complete)
A vision for you (compl
An invitation to be gentle (Complete)

Please take this information with a grain of salt (complete)
What is Neo-Advaita- some basic definitions (mostly complete)

Why Neo-Advaita will not work (in progress)
Understanding the difference between Traditional Advaita (Nonduality) and Neo-Advaita (in progress)
My qualifications to speak about these things (and why it matters) (in progress)
Understanding the problems and dangers of Neo-Advaita (in progress)
Why is it hard to leave Neo-Advaita (coming soon)
Following a path of recovery from of Neo-Advaita (complete AND in progress)


Lies within

Neo-Advaita "teachers" paint a false picture of everything- including what enlightenment looks like.


This includes a completely false image of Ramana Maharishi as a stoic statue who repeated Nondual “slogans” all day.

This is false beyond words- and many of us have been deeply harmed by the untrue image- through striving to be like this false picture. The fact is Ramana Maharshi was FULL of life!

He was a jokester- he joked often.

He acted out characters from Indian epics- using different voices and mannerisms- he was an actor and very playful

He was a scholar who translated numerous spiritual texts and often cited them.

HE LOVED the mountain Arunachala. He stated that he explored EVERY inch of it- he was a mountaineer!

He was a poet. He wrote an ecstatic love poem to God- as if he, Ramana, was the wife- pining away for “her” absent husband (God) pleading “Him” to stay with “her” forever.


He felt, deeply. He wept tears on the day that Gandhi was assassinated.

He was DEVOTED to service. As he was leaving his body- he insisted that he be allowed to consider to see the people who came to him for help- AS HE WAS DYING.

He also wept tears of joy, as he was dying, because he was so moved by the love of the devotes that surrounded him.

Ramana Maharshi showed us that Spirituality is not DESTROYING one's humanity - he showed us THE BEST of what it is to be human- and that this is the fruits of real enlightenment.


A vision for You

NARN's wish for you and the purpose of this group is help you reconnect with your FULL self, the authentic expression of who you are.

The you that is not trapped in mind/head games about whether you exist or not- and is LIVING and EXPRESSING the beauty that you are.


My/our hope for you is that one day (and hopefully many days) you will be so overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of something that you will uncontrollably weep sweet tears.

NARN/my wants for you to that once again you find yourself in awe of the magnificence, Grace and beauty of the fact that we exist, of LIFE.

Welcome to the journey back home- back to your heart.

To your FULL self. You are no longer alone. Someone, and actually MANY people have been through and are going through what you are.

An Invitation to be gentle

The whole phenomena of Neo-Advaita is

with many

nuances and subtleties,

yet it's impact can be


Neo-Advaita "teachers" often engage in "teaching" tactics that are:


and can border on brain-washing.


loss of faith,


feeling alone,

feeling completely lost

and broken beyond repair

are a few common “symptoms”

of being deeply impacted by Neo-Advaita.

Neo-Advaita impacts different people differently.

For some it is something that once they see the lunacy of it,

they are able to leave it behind and get on with their lives.

For some it is a process of letting go that can take 

time and effort.

And, for some,

it can be an intense process 

that can take a lot of time and effort.

Wherever on that spectrum you find yourself:
Welcome to the journey back to your FULL self.

Welcome to the home of your tender heart.
Welcome to a community of tender

Please take this information

with a grain of salt!

Neo-Advaita 101 is an online short article that gives a comprehensive overview of the rabbit hole that is Neo-Advaita.

Please do not take what is written here as
It is my best attempt to deal with a VERY complicated issue

and offer a map to help people 

navigate their way out of Neo-Advaita.
I, Arthur, have been passionately de-constructing Neo-Advaita for over four years.

EVERY week,
I notice a new distortion of Neo-Advaita!
EVERY week,
I have a new insight into how Neo-Advaita operates.

My map and model has evolved and will continue to evolve.

If you would like to know more about me and why I believe I am qualified to share this information, please see the
"about" tab above or click here

I very much appreciate donations for my work. More information how I operate with money: click here


What is Neo-Advaita?

A very important topic:
"What is Neo-Advaita?"

is an impossible question to fully answer.
There are THOUSANDS of Neo-Advaita "teachers" all around the world-

with new ones popping up EVERY day.

There are commonalities... and there are differences.
I will be focusing on the broad similarities and touching on the key points to give you an overview, and the key things so you can spot them.

I have come up with a number of answers/ways of looking at the question:

What is Neo-Advaita?

Some answers are posted on the home page of this website.

To proceed with this course I strongly encourage you to read them all and really sit with them.

Especially the first three.


In the end however, I think the simplest way to understand Neo-Advaita is:

Neo-Advaita is an approach to Nonduality which offers one of two methods for enlightenment (and sometimes both):
~Teaching people the practice of Self-Inquiry or Nondual Meditation only

~A repetitive talking teaching style that OBSESSES and repeats over and over and over the following concepts:
You are already enlightened, there is nothing to do
You do not exist, the world does not exist, nothing exists
You are consciousness.

I hate to add one more definition to the mix, yet I think it highlights A LOT.

Neo-Advaita is a
a watered down version

of a profound spiritual truth/insight/path

that can be "sold" to the masses

It denies this watering down
and falsely claims  
IT is the absolute truth and one and the same as the original message. 


I.e. Neo-Advaita is a religion!



Some Neo-Advaita "teachers" say:
"they are not Neo-Advaita teachers

Critique Neo-Advaita!

Hence, back to our first point:
Neo-Advaita is LIES within LIES.


The Three Types of Neo-Advaita

(and why none of them will work)

The easiest to  identify is the means to enlightenment.
Neo-Advaita, depending on the kind, offers two paths (sometimes both):~JUST practice Self-Inquiry~A series of beliefs are repeated OVER and OVER such asL There is nothing to do, you are that, the world does not exist, etc.


What differentiates Neo-Advaita from Classical Advaita (Nonduality)?

A lot!

There are MANY things which differentiate Neo-Advaita from Classical Advaita.

ACTUAL Advaita Vedanta on the other hand offers a systematic approach to  

Above I insisted that people be a part of a Legitimate Guru System.

On the surface, this may sound "stuffy," overlay formal or rigidi, but there is a VERY important reason for this. Without the blessing of another legitimate teacher- someone who teaches Nonduality has:~ declared themselves enlightened. This is VERY dangerous because "false awakening" - FALSELY believing one is enlightned when one is not, is very common! It could very well be the "last temptation" before enlightenment.... and it appears many if not all Neo-Advaita teachers have fallen for it!~has no training how to actually lead other to enlightenment.

Another key difference is that 

How to tell if someone is enlightened by Maharishi Om, a Hindu Swami - Short Article critiquing Neo-Advaita
Wikipedia article on Neo-Advaita 
What Advaita Vedanta Isn't (aka Neo-Advaita) ,  What Advaita Vedanta Is (traditional Advaita Vedanta vs Neo-Advaita) by James Schwartz
A Scholarly Article Comparing the Neo-Advaita with Traditional 

Here is an article that summarizes the whole problem with Neo-Advaita: Quora Article 

Understanding the Problems and Dangers
of Neo-Advaita

(under construction)
Any spiritual path will COMPLETELY change the way you see and interact with the world.

It will change your sense of:

The meaning of life
Who you are- your sense of idenity
It will change your fundamental drives, impulses, goals, feelings.
Your ethics- how you relate to other people places and things.

Any spiritual path will profoundly impact and affect your:
how your relate to yourself
all your relationships

your work
what you do for leisue

your community

All of the above as you can see are very radical undertakings. Any spiritual path- taken seriously is a form of "soul surgery" in that it will have VAST impact on EVERY aspect of your life.  

Neo-Advaita "teachers" are COMPLTELY unqualified for this form of soul-surgery. 

Worse, they are falsely convinced they are- which makes them dangerous.


Why it is hard to leave Neo-Advaita
(coming soon)  

How to Recovery From Neo-Advaita

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