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A warm welcome

An Invitation to be gentle

The whole phenomena of Neo-Advaita is

with many

nuances and subtleties,

yet it's impact can be



Neo-Advaita "teachers" often engages in "teaching" tactics that are:


and can border on brain-washing.



loss of faith,


feeling alone,

feeling completely lost

and broken beyond repair

are a few common “symptoms”

of being deeply impacted by Neo-Advaita.


Neo-Advaita impacts different people differently.

For some it is something that once they see the lunacy of it,

they are able to leave it behind and get on with their lives.

For some it is a process of letting go that can take 

time and effort.

And, for some,

it can be an intense process 

that can take a lot of time and effort.

Wherever on that spectrum you find yourself:
Welcome to the journey back to your FULL self.

Welcome to the home of your tender heart.
Welcome to a community of tender hearts.

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