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What is offered below is a DRAFT of a map out.

There is no set formula for re-cooperating from Neo-Advaita.... YET there are some principles which I and others have found helpful.


Checking impact

Getting ready

Finding Support

Starting to Recover
Learning to cope

Taking Inventory


Starting to live

Focusing on Stability

Balanced Living


Expanded a bit more
~Learning about the differences between Neo-Advaita and traditional Advaita Vedanta.
~Beginning to see and understand the harm of Neo-Advaita

~Disconnecting from all Neo-Advaita Satsangs, teachers, mailing lists (and possibly members of a group)/
~Stop reading Neo-Advaita posts or watching Neo-Advaita videos

~Stopping all Nondual Mediation, Self-Inquiry and Nondual Contemplation


Checking impact

~Exploring the depth to which you were impacted


The rest of this program is written for people who have been severely impacted by Neo-Advaita.
Much will apply to those who have been significantly impacted- though the process of recovery not require as much work.

People who have been only minimally impacted will probably find the rest of this program helpful to deepen their quality of life.


~If you have been severely impacted by Neo-Advaita- it is going to be a journey.

Hence, you need to ask yourself:
-Am I willing to re-learn how to be a human being- to how to have feelings, relationships, goals. To strive towards authenticity and contributing, participation and being in relationship to others? Neo-Advaita offered a false pormise that we would never have to deal with these things again.

~Am I open to this process taking time? Neo-Advaita offered us quick-fix “solutions.” Most things in life take time, effort and commitment.
~Am I willing to think of my as a physical, emotional, mental, social, creative, spiritual being or as a being that has these many different layers, and am I willing to learn above these different parts/aspects and learning to tend to them?

Finding Support

~It is NARN's contention that it is next to impossible to recover from Neo-Advaita in isolation- since Neo-Advaita creates a condition of isolation.

~Seeking out support: understanding friends/family; professional mental health services; support groups, other people who understand Neo-Advaita


Learning Coping Skills

~Accepting that a human being has various ups and downs- and learning SKILLFUL means of coping with various thoughts, feelings, behaviors and circumstances is a necessary part of life
~Exploring direct means and modalities to cope with thoughts and feelings (journaling, artistic expression of feelings, mindfulness, Cognitive Therapy) . Many of us used Neo-Advaita to dissociate from ourselves and our problems

~Exploring positive general healthy de-stressors or hobbies: nature, exercise, going for walks, singing, dancing, listening to music, laughter yoga
~Learning the skill of Self-Compassion- we who have been impacted by Neo-Advaita have been through A LOT.


Taking Inventory
~Taking an honest look at your life: how is your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual health. How are: relationships, being of service and meaningful activities.




~Continue to deepen and explore coping skills for challenging thoughts and feelings- we can't just trance out now!
~Dealing with the feelings of loss- Neo-Advaita promised us a rose garden

~Deepening wasy of self-connection: journaling, self-empathy, self-compassion

~Dealing with feelings of anger towards Neo-Advaita teacher/s

~Beginning to de-construct the harmful nature of Neo-Advaita. This can be hard as Neo-Advaita has trained us to not think and not judge!

Starting to live

~Beginging to ask yourself what do I need?

~Looking for a spiritual path/community/path that does not engage in spiritual bypass!
~Continuing to de-construct Neo-Advaita. Neo-Advaita warps our sense of EVERYTHING.
~Exploring the Brain's “Reward System” and seeing how Neo-Advaita fired off the reward centers- hence disconnecting us from life. So.....

~Begin to Exploring enjoyable nourishing activities


Focusing on Stability
Neo-Advaita is extremely de-stabilizing to every aspect of us and our lives. It can create a fragmented or unbalanced personality- in which case - life becomes a constant fight just to stay in balance- leaving little time for living.


Begining to ask and explore what things bring balance and harmony into your different levels of being and life- and cultivating them... and noticing what brings disharmony and unstability and minimizing them. 


Balanced Living

~Finding activities that balance spirituality with connection to other people: dance, eye gazing, tantra, circling, Nonviolent Communication

~Beginning to examine our most primal human/spiritual drives-
~~ to connect- beginning to explore what kind of relationships/connecitons you want and need

~~to express- beginning to find your voice, your authentic self
~Finding a means of service- possibly finding a job or career that includes service
~If you feel called finding a way to help other recover from Neo-Advaita


~Learning to balance spirituality with living and integrating the two
~Spiritual Bypass is akin to an addiction. Being mindful of slipping back into it, or authoritarian religious/spiritual organizations/belief systems

~Exploring the silver lining of Neo-Advaita- how was this a blessing to us?
~If you feel called finding a way to help other recover from Neo-Advaita


Things I and others have found helpful.

Time in nature

Laughter Yoga (many instructors offer free classes as does the institute for Laughter Yoga)
Going to an actual Hindu Temple.
Exploring the various kinds of Vedanta- such as Qualified Nonduality or Achintya Bheda Bheda
Peer Addiction support groups (12 Steps, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Dharma Recovery)
Prayer- asking God/dess for help
Jesus without religion. I believe Jesus to be a master who doesn't give a &*( what religion you are- he just wants to help. Ask Mr. J for help with stuff and see what happens.

Kirtan- singing names of God can be a heart opening experience


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